::All Seeing Eye in today's Entertainment::

a website i like to frequent Vigilant Citizen delves deep into the occult workings in today's entertainment industry. VC takes an interesting look at music videos,celebrity photos, movies etc and dissects their occult symbolism, bringing an incredible picture to light on what is really happening. as the site's head description says 'Symbols Rule the World, Not Words and Laws'. one intriguing feature VC has is the symbolic pics of the week that he and different visitors of the site compile and send in...now more times than not,what you will see is 'celebrities' covering one eye in photoshoots and videos. now this seems to be a growing trend because almost all of them are doing it. if you recall, there was a huge uproar when Jay-Z threw up the (in)famous ROC sign, forming a pyramid with one eye showing...ever since then, his videos had a more occultish slant [i think he just played to what people were saying] blogs went bananas, scrutinizing his rocawear line, videos, lyrics, photos calling jay a freemason,a devil worshipper, an illuminati puppet and so forth...then came the crackpottish lady gaga who in my opinion is the one that took the whole one eye trend to the next frontier - doing it at every turn [the ultimate puppet?] making everyone jump on the bandwagon. so the question is, why are all these people all posing with one eye hidden? is it occult symbolism? are they all part of a secret society in the entertainment industry? are they pawns in the freemason/illuminati agenda? or are they simply trying to throw everyone off by ALL doing it,who knows really....but one thing i do not believe in is....coincidence. you be the judge.

The Dollar Pyramid has in itself ancient occult connotations

ROC? or something more...

stand by your man right?

the barbie puppet won't be left behind

Mila? u too? say it aint so?

Miley Cyrus


Bono is down with it

Adele too it seems


She's definitely not hiding the black eye CB gave her

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